How to calculate your carbon footprint webinar

January 10, 2022

Learn how to measure the carbon emissions your company and employees produce.

How to calculate your carbon footprint webinar

Whether its your first time or you just need a refresher, our webinar should give you the information you need to get started measuring your carbon emissions.

Alyssa Rade, chief sustainability officer at Sustain.Life covers:

  • Why businesses should calculate their carbon footprint
  • How to think about your emissions profile
  • What to include in your carbon footprint
  • Key terms, definitions, and frameworks
  • How to calculate your carbon footprint using Sustain.Life

Are you committed to minimizing your company’s environmental impact? Have you calculated your carbon emissions?

It’s time to start measuring the greenhouse gases your company and its employees produce so you can create a thoughtful strategy to reduce your impact.

If calculating your emissions feels daunting or confusing, this webinar is for you.

Who is this webinar for?

Anyone who wants to start calculating their carbon emissions but doesn't know where to start. Today we'll be covering commuting emissions and electricity usage.

Access the webinar for free: 

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Measurement is the first step on the path toward carbon neutrality.

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The takeaway

Learn the basics of business emission scopes.
Start calculating and tracking emissions.