What you need to know about our monthly offset subscription for employees

October 6, 2021
Sustain.Life updates

Purchase a monthly offset subscription for employees in just a few clicks.

How to start a monthly offset subscription for your employees

Sustain.Life provides a solution for organizations that want to quickly chip away at their carbon emissions and show employees that they’re ready to start taking action. 

We’ve removed the carbon offset barrier to entry. Organizations can now purchase an affordable monthly offset subscription for as many employees as they wish in just a few clicks. While offsets shouldn’t be your only sustainability strategy, they’re a great employee benefit and signal to employees that your organization is ready to start its sustainability journey. Offsets are often also the gateway that leads to more significant sustainability initiatives.   

What offset projects does the monthly subscription support? 

We take the guesswork out of how much to offset. The subscription covers the metric tons of carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions the average person in the U.S. creates.  

For organizations short on time and resources, it also offloads the guesswork around which offset projects to support. The monthly offset subscription includes a blend of verified offsets selected by our sustainability experts. It consists of projects that have near-term emissions reduction benefits and a more permanent impact—including landfill methane capture offsets and forest and soil projects. Why? We promote nature-based solutions, like reforestation, which restores essential carbon sinks. We also want to help minimize leakage—when an offset project that destroys an ecosystem or otherwise creates a different social or environmental problem. For example, when the protection of a forest amplifies deforestation elsewhere. 

If your organization is already focused on mitigation efforts and wants to support offset technologies on the bleeding edge—for example, mineralization—Sustain.Life continues to offer the ability to measure and more precisely offset your carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions

Who is the monthly offset subscription for? 

Because over 75% of millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when choosing who to work for, more companies and organizations need ways to show their employees and other stakeholders they care about the planet. The monthly subscription is a perfect addition to your employee benefits and perks and a way to help your job listings stand out.  

No matter if you’re a team of one or 1,000, a monthly offset subscription shows your team that you mean business. Sign up for a monthly offset subscription now.

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Key takeaways

• The average U.S. employee creates 18–23 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions—including carbon emissions—each year.

• Offsets are often a gateway that leads to more significant sustainability initiatives.

• With Sustain.Life’s monthly offset subscription for employees, in less than 60 seconds you can choose how many team members’ emissions you’d like to offset.