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Event recording: Calculating scope 3 supply chain emissions from purchased goods and services

November 15, 2022

Purchased goods and services is one of the largest emissions sources for businesses.

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There’s a problem when it comes to ESG strategy and emissions management: few companies can measure—let alone meet—their stated net-zero goals. And setting aside the easier-to-measure scope 1 and 2 emissions, even fewer companies have a sound strategy to measure and manage their scope 3 emissions. In fact, CDP’s 2020 Global Supply Chain Report estimates an average company's supply chain GHG emissions are 11.4 times greater than those generated by their direct operations.

So how do you identify your company’s most significant scope 3 emissions category? What impact do your suppliers have on your emissions footprint? Often these questions can be answered by figuring out what your business spends on the most.

In this webinar our team walks through how Sustain.Life’s purchased goods and services (PGS) tools help calculate emissions based on spend.

What you’ll learn

  • How technology can capture crucial scope 3 emissions and lead the journey towards net-zero
  • How to calculate emissions from purchased goods and services
  • How to embrace the new era of opportunity ushered in by the digital transformation of ESG

Who should watch?

Companies that want to learn how to get a robust emissions inventory.

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