Sustain.Life has been acquired by Workiva, the world’s leading cloud platform for assured, integrated reporting.
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Intuitive tools for your portfolio companies

EDCI-aligned ESG surveys

Automate your data collection process with EDCI-aligned surveys, efficiently gathering comprehensive ESG metrics from your portfolio companies

Streamlined carbon accounting

Empower your PortCos to measure emissions accurately using user-friendly Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon calculators

Decarbonization playbooks

Provide PortCos with practical guides to set and achieve science-based targets, aligning with your firm's ESG strategies

Two people collaborating at a desk with a Sustain.Life overlay that shows a checklist to optimize packaging

Complete view of your financed emissions

Comprehensive view of ESG data

Automatically collect detailed ESG data from your PortCos for comprehensive portfolio analysis and benchmarking, enabling informed decision-making

Audit & assurance

Gain unparalleled insight into calculations and methodologies to ensure data accuracy and audit-readiness

Streamline reporting across platforms & frameworks

Easily submit data to EDCI via API, with automatic alignment to major frameworks like TCFD and CDP


Why do leading companies choose Sustain.Life?


A user-friendly interface designed to accommodate PortCos at any stage of ESG expertise

Highly flexible

Customizable offerings to meet the specific needs of both PE firms and their PortCos

Decarbonization ally

Beyond reporting, we partner with you in your decarbonization journey

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Future-proof your business

Meghan Ksiazek​, VP Head of Design
“The main thing is that the software is approachable. It didn’t require a lot of training. People could get into the tool and start using it”
Derek Young, Managing Director
“Their tech and sustainability expertise has helped us streamline the process of collecting and analyzing complex data, which saves us time and money,”
Katrin Ward, Chief Financial Human
“Sustain.Life was a great option for us as it allowed us to break down all of the expenses we have in our scope 3 emissions. We wanted to have visibility into our carbon footprint calculation and Sustain.Life’s calculator was able to provide that.”​