Get your portfolio’s ESG data in one place

Your entire portfolio’s environmental data right where you can find it, along with a customizable analytics dashboard and an audit trail of documents.

Comprehensive data analysis

Automatically calculate environmental impact of business operations and ESG practices—including scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions—across all your portfolio companies.

For every location

Seamless data collection and analysis from each company’s ERP and accounting systems, utility providers, supplier and employee engagement tools, and more.

Screen potential investments

Fully understand GHG impacts, climate risks, and opportunities before you decide to invest.

Two people collaborating at a desk with a Sustain.Life overlay that shows a checklist to optimize packaging


Build decarbonization into your ESG strategy

Empower your portfolio companies to decrease emissions across their business and supply chain.

Decarbonization tools

Give your portfolio companies the tools and guidance to adopt more sustainable business practices, benchmark performance against peers, and reduce their emissions and ESG related risks to safeguard your investments.

Supply chain management

Empower your portfolio companies to engage their suppliers with integrated surveys to calculate scope 3 emissions and mitigate supply chain risk.

Verified offsets

Purchase carbon offsets from verified projects for emissions your portfolio can’t yet mitigate.


Show progress with audit-ready results

Data-driven reports streamline corporate sustainability reporting so you can demonstrate your commitment to ESG.

Visualize ESG impact

Get a complete picture of your private equity sustainability strategy, including GHG emissions and other ESG data with flexible visualizations and insights by portfolio company.

Stay ahead of emissions disclosure requirements

Report with confidence when it comes time to disclose your emissions and sustainable development behaviors to regulators, LPs, and investors.

Comply with leading frameworks for more sustainable investing

Align outputs with established frameworks, including GRI, TCFD, SASB, UN SDGs, and more.

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Future-proof your business

Meghan Ksiazek​, VP Head of Design
“The main thing is that the software is approachable. It didn’t require a lot of training. People could get into the tool and start using it”
Derek Young, Managing Director
“Their tech and sustainability expertise has helped us streamline the process of collecting and analyzing complex data, which saves us time and money,”
Katrin Ward, Chief Financial Human
“Sustain.Life was a great option for us as it allowed us to break down all of the expenses we have in our scope 3 emissions. We wanted to have visibility into our carbon footprint calculation and Sustain.Life’s calculator was able to provide that.”​