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Track Sustainability metrics

Align with global standards

We harmonize your reporting efforts by streamlining your data inputs into disclosure-specific outputs.

One set of data, multiple frameworks and standards

Sustain.Life enables you to track metrics aligned with CDP and other global standards like TCFD (and more coming soon).

Goodbye, multiple systems

Eliminate the need for separate systems or manual data transfers with integrated and streamlined data collection, analysis, and reporting. We translate your single-source data inputs into the indicator-level metrics required by distinct frameworks.

Common sustainability disclosure frameworks like CDP, TCFD, SASB, and GRI that Sustain.Life supports

ESG Reporting and disclosure

No-guesswork disclosures

Identify the most meaningful ESG disclosures for your business, automate outputs, and close data gaps.

Sustain.Life’s reporting features automatically calculate your ESG data into the frameworks you want to track against. No more conversions and translations—instantly produce indicator-level outputs across multiple reporting standards.

Details of sampled and verified environmental data

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See how Sustain.Life saves your company time and effort with sustainability reporting and disclosures

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Getting a handle on
sustainability reporting

Introducing Sustain.Life‘s new features that
make emissions disclosures a breeze.

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