Responsibility to help the planet, meet opportunity to

Carbon calculation and sustainability management software every business can use.
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Democratize sustainability

Every organization has a responsibility to help fight climate change and act sustainably. We make sure they can.

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Free carbon accounting
The only way to fight climate change: reduce your emissions—but you have to measure them first. That’s why we made it free to calculate your carbon footprint.
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No expertise required
Actionable, expert guidance anyone can follow—tailored to your business. With Sustain.Life, you don't have to be an expert to set and achieve climate targets.
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Plans that scale as you progress on your sustainability journey, including our always free Emissions Management platform.

Impact at every step on your sustainability journey


Calculate your
carbon footprint

Measure, track, and manage your
carbon emissions for free. No strings attached.
Sustain.Life Carbon Emissions Management
Sustain.Life Carbon Neutral

Offset employee emissions

Hassle-free offset subscriptions to engage employees in your fight against climate cahnge.

Manage your environmental impact

Actionable sustainability guidance and tools for a fraction of the cost of other programs.
Sustain.Life sustainability planning product

Solutions for every team and role

Whether you want to build a comprehensive sustainability program or optimize specific parts of your business, we’ve got you covered.

Sustain.Life Decorative management
CEOs & boards
Build a sustainability program that aligns with customer, employee, and shareholder expectations
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Office & facilities managers
Optimize resource use across offices
(e.g. energy, water, and waste)
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Human Resources
Establish sustainability measures
that attract and retain talent
Sustain.Life Decorative finance
Finance & accounting
Attract new investors, lower your borrowing costs, and cut operating expenses
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Manage sustainability priorities across clients and make it easy for them to drive positive change
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Something else?
We help all types of businesses, green teams, and employees looking to set and achieve their sustainability goals