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A better way to track your scope 3 emissions

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Streamline data entry

Automate manual tasks

Upload a file with transaction data and Sustain.Life handles the data aggregation and emissions calculations.

Forget aggregating countless spending subcategories and hundreds of thousands of data points. Sustain.Life removes this time-intensive manual step.

Details of sampled and verified environmental data

Categorize emissions

Assess your entire transaction history

Rest assured that your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions will be categorized correctly.

Comprehensive commodities

The purchased goods and services emissions calculator covers a comprehensive set of commodities—66 in total—so organizations can assess entire transaction histories.

Coverage for data gaps

Other tools assign average emissions factors and group uncommon categories—that means less accurate data. Sustain.Life changes that and uses an organization’s spending patterns, plus environmentally-extended input-output (EEIO) models to calculate a representative emission factor for uncategorized transactions.

Correctly categorized emissions

If your spend data includes, for example, utilities—which belong under scope 1 emissions—Sustain.Life automatically alerts you to exclude these from your purchased goods and services.

Details of sampled and verified environmental data

Surface emissions hotspots

Identify emissions-intensive sources

Guide your engagement efforts for more meaningful emissions reductions.

By identifying emissions hotspots in your supply chain, you know which critical suppliers to engage with first.

Details of sampled and verified environmental data

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third-party ASSURANCE

Get disclosure-ready

The process of having your emissions validated by a third party is essential to keep up with the regulatory landscape.


Access verifiable data and methodologies to comply with new climate and carbon accounting regulations.

Eliminate long feedback loops

Companies and auditors collaborate in real time to complete emissions verifications and validations.

Select the exact data to share with auditors

Seamless invite process for validators to view select projects and data across clients or locations.

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See the purchased goods and services scope 3 emissions calculator in action

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Calculating scope 3 supply chain emissions from purchased goods and services

Purchased goods and services are some of the largest emissions sources for businesses.

See the purchased goods and services scope 3 emissions calculator in action

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