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Supply chain management software features

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Centralized supply chain Sustainability management

Standardize emissions data outputs across your suppliers

• Save time with templatized emissions data intake forms and surveys
• Customize features and workflows to match your company’s unique needs
Cloud-based APIs work with your platforms

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Track scope 3 emissions

Stay ahead of the compliance curve

Global regulations require scope 3 emissions reporting across your supply chain.

Prepare for SEC and CSRD reporting requirements

De-risk your business with supply chain software designed to comply with the CSRD and proposed SEC climate disclosure rule.

Investor-grade, auditable reporting

Companies looking for supply chain sustainability consulting, can now automatically streamline reporting and automate documentation with our transparent carbon calculation engine and workflows. No extra legwork required.

Always up-to-date

Our carbon calculators include thousands of externally validated emissions factors and cover 240+ countries and territories—all updated on a quarterly basis.

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Address supplier risks

Survey and score your
supply chain

Empower your suppliers to take action quickly and share the emissions data you need.

• Automatically send supplier survey assessments
• Add custom questions to supplier surveys
• Modify weighting to suit your needs
• Score and benchmark key value chain suppliers
• Ensure supply chain partners comply with sustainability requirements
• Get improvement recommendations for your supply chain operations
• Track and report progress

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third-party ASSURANCE

Get disclosure-ready

The process of having your emissions validated by a third party is essential to keep up with the regulatory landscape.


Access verifiable data and methodologies to comply with new climate and carbon accounting regulations.

Eliminate long feedback loops

Companies and auditors collaborate in real time to complete emissions verifications and validations.

Select the exact data to share with auditors

Seamless invite process for validators to view select projects and data across clients or locations.

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Get access to new features that will streamline the emissions audit process.

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Tracking the impact of
supply chain emissions

Tracking supply chain emissions is crucial for businesses aiming to reduce their emissions footprint. But why?

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