EVENT: Bringing sustainable living into the workplace

September 12, 2021

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Events of the past year, from extreme weather to the IPCC’s recent report on the climate crises, have laid bare the need for everyone to pitch in and reshape the future of the planet. Not only are people thinking about how to make sustainable decisions in their personal lives; they are also looking for ways to bring sustainable lifestyles into their place of work.

In each company’s sustainability journey, however, comes a time where they must move from words and promises to actions and results. To help expedite this transition from promises to data-driven results, many organizations and workers, regardless of industry, title, or company size, are embracing technology to create concrete sustainability strategies. In this session, join Annalee Bloomfield, CEO of Sustain.Life and Constanze Duke, associate director of sustainability at Sustain.Life, for an in-depth discussion about how individuals can take their personal passions and drive for sustainability and incorporate them into their places of work.

Annalee and Constanze will also present an interactive demonstration of Sustain.Life, the SaaS platform helping companies across industries define and achieve their sustainability goals. Audience members will be encouraged to participate in a number of ways, including: completing Sustain.Life’s new user onboarding and prework, drafting a sustainability action plan, and sharing personal sustainability practices they want to incorporate at work. Attendees will leave the session with a greater understanding of how they can impact corporate sustainability on an individual and company-wide level through data-driven decision making.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
4–5:00pm EST
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