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NEWS: Sustain.Life aligns with SCS to launch carbon accounting & management software services to enable faster climate action

June 6, 2024

Enhanced tools help companies streamline GHG emissions tracking, set science-based targets, and engage suppliers.

SCS Consulting

Today, Sustain.Life announced its partnership with SCS Consulting Services which helps companies implement transformative sustainability solutions that drive meaningful change. By combining Sustain.Life’s software and SCS’ 30+ years of broad carbon accounting experience, SCS will be able to help organizations simplify their carbon measurement, management, and reporting functions while ensuring efforts produce results that meet regulatory compliance and assurance requirements.

The suite of climate management tools now available to all SCS Consulting customers offers an easy entry-point for organizations to calculate their annual carbon footprint, track changes over time, and report results in line with CDP, ISSB, and ESRS standards, which underpin new global climate regulations.  SCS Consulting Services (SCS)

SCS will integrate the Sustain.Life technology into existing services supporting clients with their emissions reduction strategy, including setting Science-Based Targets, providing a more sophisticated method of supplier engagement, and tracking progress over time against their climate transition plans.  

SCS’ expanded capabilities run in tandem with its continued support of entities navigating new global climate regulations from the SEC Climate Rule and California’s new climate laws in the United States to proposed and finalized climate reporting laws across Europe and the United Kingdom, China, Australia, and other jurisdictions, as well as the ongoing calls within the investment world for disclosure of Scope 3 emissions data.

"Our alliance with SCS Consulting Services represents a significant leap forward in climate management solutions," said Andrew Emmons partnerships at Susatin.Life. By combining SCS’s extensive carbon accounting experience with our innovative software, we aim to simplify carbon measurement, management, and reporting for organizations of all sizes. Together, we empower businesses to achieve their sustainability goals efficiently and comply with the latest global climate regulations."

“Our partnership with Sustain.Life combines the best in climate expertise with the best in software solutions with the shared goal of helping more organizations to do more to lower their carbon footprint — and to do it faster,” states Bonnie Holman, Managing Director at SCS Consulting. As demands for annual Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions disclosures and reduction targets increase, we pride ourselves on meeting clients where they are and helping them satisfy both customer and investor requirements. We are excited to streamline the process, enabling our clients to focus on meaningful climate action."

SCS leverages 40 years of sustainability standards and auditing expertise to ensure that climate management technology provides clients with the results they are looking for – investor-grade, transparent, audit-ready, and regulatory compliant carbon data.  

About SCS Consulting Services  

SCS Consulting Services helps companies implement transformative sustainability solutions that drive meaningful change. SCS Consulting Services is the dedicated sustainability consulting arm of the SCS organization. Our experts bring four decades of SCS’ deep experience in sustainability and an unwavering commitment to scientific rigor, credibility, and transparency. We specialize in working closely with our clients to build and execute on a sustainability strategy that both drives positive impacts and builds business resiliency in the facing of a rapidly changing climate – and rapidly changing business environment. We offer climate, sustainability reporting, supply chain, environmental and social management, due diligence, and regulatory compliance services.

About Sustain.Life

Sustain.Life is the SaaS platform—and Certified B Corporation™—that helps future-proof companies by decarbonizing and taking climate action. Launched in 2021, Sustain.Life provides ESG and carbon accounting tools that empower organizations to meet compliance requirements, manage and mitigate carbon emissions, reduce costs, and stand out to customers, investors, and other stakeholders. 

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The takeaway

Sustain.Life and SCS Consulting Services have partnered to streamline carbon management and reporting, combining software and decades of expertise to ensure regulatory compliance and drive sustainability.