NEWS: Sustain.Life CEO talks about B Corp certification on GreenBiz

April 17, 2023

“Instead of working for a B Corp, I decided to build one.”

Today on GreenBiz, Sustain.Life CEO and co-founder Annalee Bloomfield shares why we started working on our B Corp certification before the company was even incorporated.

“With the B Impact Assessment, the tool used by prospective B Corps to guide preparation and data gathering, we had a checklist and guardrails to build mindfully from day one. In the early days of starting a business, there are so many decisions to make about how to operate and set up things such as benefits, your recruiting processes, etc. The assessment gave us a clear and actionable rubric for understanding what best-in-class looks like across categories. It helped lay the fundamental groundwork for running our business, for strategy such as employee training and stakeholder engagement, as an example.”

“At Sustain.Life, we tell our clients and prospects how important it is to put their emissions measurement processes in place early to have the kind of robust data you need for audit-ready carbon accounting. We certainly benefited from taking our own advice and putting measurement efforts in place when we had just started to operate. When it came time to submit our B Corp application, we were well prepared and able to pull in the necessary data and supporting materials.”

Read the whole story on GreenBiz.

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Read the whole story on GreenBiz.