Sustain.Life has its emissions factor library externally validated

April 19, 2024
Sustain.Life updates

We validated our emissions factor library to ensure accuracy and reliability.

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Today, we announce that we’ve engaged JS Held LLC (JS Held), a leading consulting and software services company specializing in technical analysis and innovation for efficiency and renewable resources, to provide assurance of Sustain.Life’s 2024 emissions factor library.

The purpose of this initiative is to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our emissions factor library. As assurance requirements are becoming more commonplace, we wanted to ensure that our calculations and data follow best available data methods and our customers can be assured that our emission factors are up to date and correct. Through the validation process, Sustain.Life adhered to its internal reporting guidelines, guided by internationally recognized standards, including ISO 14064-1, the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, GHG Protocol and The Climate Registry General Reporting Protocol V3.0.

"We are thrilled to announce that our emission factors have successfully undergone a rigorous limited assurance engagement and have emerged successful”, said Mitch Voss, senior director of sustainability at Sustain.Life. “This achievement highlights our commitment to transparency, our dedication to utilizing best-in-class calculation methods and ultimately providing our customers with reliable data they can trust."  

Responsibilities and professional standards

Our organization assumes responsibility for preparing and presenting its emissions factor library, including determining the appropriateness of the applicable criteria and establishing objectives for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting.

JS Held, in its capacity as a validator, undertook a limited assurance engagement in accordance with International Standard 14064 Part 3. The validation process ensured independence, impartiality, and competence, with JS Held's validation team abstaining from involvement in the compilation of Sustain.Life's emissions factor library.

Independence and impartiality

JS Held reaffirms its independence and impartiality in conducting the validation, asserting that its validation process was conducted independently, with no conflicts of interest. The validation team's focus was solely on fulfilling the requirements of the assignment without engaging in additional services beyond the scope.

Limitations and conclusion

JS Held acknowledges inherent limitations in any internal control structure and recognizes the possibility of undetected fraud, errors, or non-compliance with laws and regulations. Despite these limitations, based on the thorough process and procedures performed, JS Held concludes that there is no evidence to suggest material inaccuracies in the emissions factor data or deviations from the applicable criteria.

View the official validation document here.

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The takeaway

JS Held LLC rigorously validates emissions data, affirming Sustain.Life’s commitment to transparency and delivering reliable information to customers.