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NEWS: Sustain.Life joins SAP.iO’s carbon accounting startup program

March 14, 2023
Sustain.Life updates

Sustain.Life joins forces with SAP.iO’s carbon accounting startup program to help customers enhance sustainability initiatives.

Sustain.Life has teamed up with SAP.iO to participate in its carbon accounting startup program. The program is aimed at helping customers bolster sustainability efforts and consider their business's impact on the planet. 

The SAP.iO Foundry team based in Tel Aviv selected six highly vetted international startups to join the program and will work alongside the Foundry team, which comprises experts, partners, investment funds, and SAP customers, including ABInBev, DSV Global Transport and Logistics, and more.

During this program, Sustain.Life will have access to curated mentorship from SAP executives, SAP® technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers worldwide. This includes creating new partnerships and value propositions.

“Sustain.Life is honored to be selected by SAP for the 2022 Carbon Accounting Foundry Program. Together, SAP and Sustain.Life are committed to help organizations unlock the power of measuring their carbon emissions, establishing ESG goals, and supporting their path to net-zero,” said Tim Lawson, CRO, Sustain.Life. 

"As corporations and companies continue to navigate the evolving ESG regulatory landscape and make sustainability a priority, it is essential that the right platforms and tools are in place to enable their success. We are excited to have access to experts and influential leaders in the space to ensure we provide cutting-edge solutions to the increasing climate crisis.”

“Data is a critical driver toward sustainability success. Enterprise data collection is a challenge where SAP helps its customers on their journey to Net Zero” says Gunther Rothermel, Senior Vice President, and Head of SAP Sustainability Engineering in a SAP press release. “It is about using the right tools and the latest innovation to achieve this goal.”

Other participating startups include:  

  1. Connect Earth offers API-based data products that track the carbon footprint of financial transactions.
  1. ESGgo leverages machine learning to analyze and optimize enterprise environmental, social and governance (ESG) posture and score.
  1. ESG Enterprise provides integrated SaaS and data analytics for businesses to reduce compliance costs, automate carbon accounting, data collection, and reporting.
  1. SustainCert enables the digital verification of impact claims across carbon markets and value chains, bringing credibility to climate action.
  1. Unravel Carbon helps companies track and reduce their carbon emissions, specializing in Scope.  

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The takeaway

Sustain.Life will have access to curated mentorship from SAP executives, SAP® technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers worldwide.