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VIDEO: Davos WEF 2024 sustainability, AI, & global partnership

January 25, 2024

The Week in Sustainability – January 22–26

Davos Switzerland

In the aftermath of the prestigious World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland—a gathering that brings together global leaders, business executives, policymakers, and experts from various fields—numerous insights have surfaced, setting the stage for a transformative year in sustainability. Davos is renowned for providing a platform where influential figures engage in discussions and share perspectives on pressing global issues. Attended by key decision-makers, the forum serves as a melting pot of ideas, shaping the agenda for the year ahead. Here are the key takeaways steering the discourse on sustainability in 2024:


  • The urgency for speed: Davos emphasized the need for speed across sustainability and ESG. Operational resilience and proactive measures to tackle climate change were deemed imperative, signaling that speed is not merely an option but a necessity for organizational success.
  • Generative AI's transformative role: At the core of Davos discussions was the groundbreaking potential of artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI. It emerged as a revolutionary force driving strategic decision-making and operational efficiency in the sustainability landscape.
  • Union of business and sustainability The intrinsic link between sustainability and financial performance took the spotlight. Davos underscored that businesses should no longer view sustainability as a standalone initiative but as an integral part of their overarching strategy for sustained success.
  • Comprehensive sustainability approach: Success in sustainability demands a holistic, top-down approach. Davos encouraged organizations to move beyond fragmented strategies and urged them to identify and address key material topics for substantial progress.
  • Skilled-based hiring and diversity in leadership: Talent acquisition took a new turn, emphasizing the positive impact of aligning talent with roles through skilled-based hiring. Diversity in leadership wasn't just a checkbox; it emerged as a strategic imperative for effective decision-making and progress.
  • India's role in sustainability: India was recognized as a pivotal player in shaping global sustainability efforts. Acknowledging its transformative potential, India was spotlighted as a key influencer in sustainability for 2024 and beyond.


  • AI challenges: Concerns were raised about the concentration of power and inequalities stemming from using artificial intelligence. Discussions delved into the pressing need to address biases in AI, particularly in generative AI, along with regulatory challenges in sustainability reporting.
  • Overlooked topics: Despite rich discussions, critical topics like diversifying sourcing for green tech minerals and the evolving perception of ESG in the US were conspicuously absent from the Davos agenda. In addition, the impact this forum is having on the city's infrastructure, causing bottlenecks for the people who reside in Davos.

Bold opinions

  • AI's gradual impact: Contrary to high expectations, the transformative impact of AI on sustainability has unfolded more gradually than anticipated. Davos' discussions acknowledged the promises but underscored the need for a more measured evolution.
  • Economic challenges in sustainability: Economic challenges, exemplified by semiconductor trade wars, are shaping investments in sustainability. This intersection demands extensive discussions and thought leadership to navigate its complexities.
  • Growing appetite for collaborations: A central theme at Davos was the escalating interest in public-private partnerships and intra-industry alliances. Collaborations were encouraged and emphasized as pivotal in propelling the sustainability movement on a grand scale.

Davos 2024 provided a nuanced perspective on sustainability, blending optimism with challenges. As organizations navigate this evolving landscape, addressing concerns, harnessing transformative technologies, and fostering impactful collaborations will be paramount to advancing the global sustainability agenda.

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