VIDEO: Earth Day with CRG Restaurant Group

April 21, 2024

The Week in Sustainability – April 22 – Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, we sat down with a special guest, and sustainability took center stage, echoing the growing urgency to address environmental challenges, specifically in the restaurant industry.

During this episode, we heard from Ali Cammisa, senior director of sustainability and social impact at CRG Restaurant Group, which comprises various brands and embraced sustainability as a core pillar of its operations. Throughout this conversation, we discussed how businesses can integrate sustainable practices into their operations while effectively communicating their impact.

Historically, Earth Day has evolved beyond a mere annual event, becoming a compelling platform for organizations to share their environmental initiatives and engage with their communities. For Ali, storytelling lies at the heart of this movement. She emphasizes the importance of weaving data and insights into narratives to convey the tangible impact of sustainability efforts.

We reflected on CRG’s journey of leveraging platforms and resources to gather data and comprehensively understand its environmental footprint. One of CRG’s standout initiatives has been implementing composting programs across its locations, diverting 50% of its waste away from landfills. Through this initiative, CRG has removed 1.5 million pounds of waste across its 18 locations. By tracking metrics and visualizing the impact of waste diversion, CRG has not only reduced its environmental footprint but engaged its team members and local communities in the process.

However, Ali acknowledged that effectively communicating sustainability initiatives can be challenging, as it requires ensuring they resonate with both customers and executives. She emphasizes the need to keep the conversation playful and accessible, simplifying complex concepts to effectively engage a broader audience. Through this approach, CRG has established a unique brand identity that allows for individualized sustainability journeys while contributing to the collective goal of environmental stewardship.

To celebrate Earth Day, CRG is gearing up for several initiatives across its brands, from tree-planting events to sharing impact reports and community engagement activities.  Starting this journey can be overwhelming, and organizations need to start small, understand baseline metrics, and foster a culture of sustainability within the organization. Looking ahead, CRG remains committed to continuous improvement, with plans to conduct a supply chain audit and further refine its sustainable practices.

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