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April 20, 2023

The Week in Sustainability – April 17–21, 2023

As Earth Day celebrates its 53rd anniversary on April 22, 2023 there’s debate about whether the holiday still holds meaning in the face of rising emissions and the IPCC’s warnings about the ticking clock for worst-case climate outcomes. However, it’s evident that Earth Day, with an estimated billion participants worldwide, continues to inspire hope and action. 

Because Earth Day is so well publicized, it affords companies and individuals the opportunity to see what others are doing and get inspired. This year,, which organizes Earth Day’s annual themes, has landed on “Invest in our Planet,” encouraging everyone to invest their time, effort, and money to ensure a sustainable future.

Earth Day is an opportunity for businesses to launch or revive sustainability efforts. Meaningful engagement with employees and other stakeholders can lead to long-term benefits in reducing environmental impact. 

But Earth Day is also a time to stay vigilant. 

During Earth Day, some companies may offer limited-time promotions, special “eco-friendly” products, or claim to donate to environmental causes for every sale. While these efforts can raise awareness and contribute to environmental causes, it’s essential to be cautious and research a company’s overall sustainability practices and policies. If a company’s Earth Day promotion appears to be an isolated event rather than part of a broader, ongoing commitment to sustainability, it might be an example of greenwashing.

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