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What is Sustain.Life?

Sustain.Life is an easy-to-use SaaS tool that helps companies make business decisions with the environment in mind—that means we help you measure, manage, and report your emissions.


Who is Sustain.Life for?

Sustain.Life helps a wide range of businesses and sustainability professionals. We offer white label solutions for enterprise clients and consultancies and options for businesses just starting their sustainability journey.


Can Sustain.Life get my company to carbon neutral?

Yes. A business can claim carbon neutrality by measuring its emissions then offsetting the balance, or mitigating and reducing its emissions—all of which you can do with Sustain.Life.


Can Sustain.Life save my company money?

Yes, in many ways.  A few examples: through guidance to help you reduce electricity consumption and product waste, or by helping you share your emissions data with clients so you don't lose out to competitors when they ask for it.


Can Sustain.Life help with the sec climate disclosure rule ?

Yes. Sustain.Life utilizes a database of 3,000 global emission factors sourced from over a dozen government datasets—U.S. EPA, Canadian National GHG Inventory, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, DEFRA, ADEME, IPCC, IEA, the Australia National Greenhouse Accounts factors, German Umweltbundesamt and more—and over 300 custom-developed factors to translate your business activities into accurate, reporting-ready emissions outputs that help you stay ahead of evolving emissions disclosure requirements. Additionally, Sustain.Life aligns with leading third-party reporting and disclosure frameworks, including GRI, SASB, and TCFD, as well as the UN Global Compact, UN Sustainable Development Guidelines, B Corp, and TRUE Zero Waste.


What does success look like?

Because everyone’s sustainability goals are different, success looks different for each business. For some, it’s calculating and reducing your carbon footprint to align with the U.S. Paris Agreement; for others, it’s having all your environmental data in one place to help with your B Corp application or reducing your supply chain risk. Regardless of your aspirations, our team will guide you to make your goals a reality.


How is Sustain.Life different from other providers?

We take a turnkey approach to comprehensive sustainability management—getting up and running with Sustain is easy. And once you do, you’ve got everything you need to run a world-class sustainability program, all in one place. Also, as a pure SaaS tool, we keep our costs low so that we can offer a cost-effective solution compared to other providers.

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