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How Sustain.Life works

Carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions measurements are
only part of the story. Sustain.Life helps you leverage your data and guides you through steps that create real, sustainable impact.
Illustration of human figures demonstrating how Sustain.Life works

1. Set goals

Create an easy-to-use roadmap focused on what’s most important to your organization. Effortlessly collaborate and communicate with colleagues and leadership.

Sustain.Life roadmap showing progress on UN SDGs, Scope emissions, and carbon emissions goals
Slider component that depicts tracking tools to track product footprints and supply chain
Illustration of a person with an open laptop with a security dashboard

2. Take action

Step-by-step guidance designed by sustainability experts across topics like waste, energy, emissions, water, business strategy, software, WFH, product footprint, supply chain, and more. Plus tools to monitor your progress and generate organization-wide policies.

3. Track your KPIs

Align your work to certifications and frameworks like UN SDGs, B Corp, and GRI and share your story with stakeholders, customers, investors, regulators, and employees.

Pie chart to track sustainability KPIs across energy, emissions, water, commuting, and more.

4. Create a sustainable future for your organization

 Early access starts June 2021.
Sustain.Life dashboard showing energy, emissions, waste, water, and other areas.

What sustainability means for your organization

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