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May 28, 2021

Step-by-step guide to starting a green team

The path to becoming a more sustainable organization is long. No sustainability program looks the same. And no company or organization snaps their fingers and magically has the roadmap to get them to net-zero emissions.

Green teams generate grassroots sustainability efforts at organizations big and small and help boost employee engagement.

Your sustainability journey is just that—a journey. There will be countless challenges, speed bumps, ups and downs, and learning moments along the way. Even if it feels like your competitors and peers are lightyears ahead, there’s plenty of small steps you can take today. And with each step, new doors open, learnings come into focus, and you’ll do even more to protect the planet.  

Creating a green team or sustainability task force is a natural starting point—a way to test the waters before allocating bigger budgets and resources to a sustainability program.  

Whether you’re a CEO looking to generate employee engagement or an employee interested in getting a grassroots sustainability effort off the ground, this guide is for you.

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