The guide to selecting the right ESG software

Green cover with an image of palm trees for the white paper: The guide to selecting the right ESG software

The ESG software space is brimming with numerous players—each touting unique capabilities, features, and promises. But not all platforms are created equal.

This short guide sheds light on the essential questions you should ask when evaluating your options:

– What metrics should ESG software track?
– How many emissions factors does your software include and how are they sourced?
– Are you GHGP (Greenhouse Gas Protocol) aligned?
– Can your software be customized to track specific metrics relevant to our business?
– How user-friendly
is the platform? Can non-technical staff use it effectively?
– How does your platform scale with a company as it grows?
…and more!

Make business decisions with the environment in mind

How to pick the right ESG platform

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