Press release: Former Walmart, executives officially launch Sustain.Life

March 14, 2023
Sustain.Life updates

Sustain.Life has raised $7M in pre-seed funding.

Today we announced the official launch of our public beta, inviting all companies and organizations looking to become more sustainable to benefit from its offerings. Our goal? Make sustainability universally accessible through an affordable, easy-to-use SaaS platform that empowers organizations—regardless of budget, expertise, or industry—to adopt more sustainable business practices, account for their carbon usage, and reduce their environmental impact. 

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Future-proof your business by fighting climate change

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To date, Sustain.Life has raised $7 million in pre-seed funding, which we will use to continue developing and scaling the platform. Sustain.Life is currently being used by leading companies and organizations across a variety of industries, from women’s sexual wellness company, Dame, and, the private search engine that summarizes the web for you; to the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition, a consortium of leading cannabis companies working to make the industry more sustainable.

Whereas most sustainability solutions on the market today are priced out of reach of many businesses, Sustain.Life is the first truly cost-effective solution available, bringing users the tools and guidance they need to drive sustainability programs forward at an accessible price point. As part of Sustain.Life’s commitment to help scale action on climate change and allow any company to start measuring their greenhouse gas emissions without having to purchase expensive tools, Sustain.Life offers an entry-level tier that includes access to its key carbon accounting features, including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions calculators. Access to the full platform is priced at $300/month. 

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“Building a sustainability strategy is crucial for a thriving business. Not only is it necessary to combat the growing threat of climate change—it can also help cut costs; make a company more attractive to customers, investors, and current and prospective employees; and build resilience for today’s ‘new normal,’ in which sustainability is table stakes,” says Annalee Bloomfield,  CEO of Sustain.Life and co-founder of 4Sided Venture Studio.

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About Sustain.Life

Sustain.Life is the SaaS platform helping companies across industries measure and reduce their environmental impact. Launched through the 4Sided Venture Studio in 2021, Sustain.Life enables organizations to future-proof themselves by embracing sustainable practices that manage carbon emissions, reduce costs and help distinguish them to customers, partners, investors and recruits. Learn more at Sustain.Life

About 4Sided Venture Studio

Founded in 2020, 4Sided Venture Studio is a startup incubator focused on building, scaling, and funding business-to-business SaaS companies. By providing strategic direction, top talent, and capital to early-stage SaaS organizations, 4Sided helps accelerate growth and build repeatable business processes that ensure the long-term success of their portfolio companies. By adhering to three core values—sustainability, excellence, and stewardship—4Sided hopes to usher in a new generation of companies that will positively impact both their business sectors and society as a whole. Learn more at

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Annalee Bloomfield
Annalee Bloomfield is the CEO at Sustain.Life. Previously, at, she helped build the online retailer from the ground up as part of the product organization before it was acquired by Walmart.
The takeaway

Sustain.Life is the first truly cost-effective sustainability solution, offering customers tools and guidance that drive sustainability programs at an accessible price point.

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