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Our climate is rapidly changing, and reducing emissions is the only way to fight climate change. That’s why we made it free to measure and track your carbon footprint with our carbon calculators.  

Sustain.Life Carbon Footprint Summary

Measurement is the first step on the path toward carbon neutrality

Feeling pressure from customers, investors, governments, and employees to embrace sustainability? Start earning their trust today.

Sustain.Life carbon emissions measurement
1. Measure your emissions
Easily calculate and track your
scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions with our carbon calculators
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2. Reduce your emissions
Get access to step-by-step reduction guides anyone can follow
Sustain.Life Offset Management
3. Offset your emissions
Offset unavoidable emissions with access to a diversified set of verified offset projects

Measure your emissions in minutes

Free carbon calculators to measure your scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions

Quickly identify areas for improvement

Track emissions over time

Sustain.Life Carbon Footprint Calculator- Electricity

What are emissions scopes?

To reduce or eliminate your carbon footprint, you need consider all your emitting behaviors—beyond what’s visible from an exhaust pipe or smokestack.

Scope 1
Emissions from fuel burned in the things you own or control—think buildings, vehicles, equipment—plus accidental emissions like chemical leaks and spills.
Scope 2
Emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heat, and cooling. Think of these as indirect emissions you create by figuratively “keeping the lights on.”
Scope 3
All other indirect emissions associated with upstream and downstream operations—typically the most significant contributor to your organization’s environmental footprint. Learn more.
Sustain.Life Carbon Offset Projects

Reduce & offset your emissions

Access step-by-step reduction strategies created by our sustainability experts

Choose from verified offset projects to offset the emissions you can’t yet reduce

Set up a monthly subscription or purchase offsets whenever you’d like


Amplify your

Track your progress at a glance

Download reports anytime

Show stakeholders you mean business about your comittment to sustainability

Sustain.Life Carbon Emissions Scopes

More than carbon management

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With access to the full Sustain.Life platform, you can address carbon as well as critical areas such as waste, water, business strategy, governance, and more.