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Calculate your greenhouse gas footprint

Simplify scope 3 emissions calculation and streamline environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting.

Comprehensive data analysis

Automatically calculate scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions with our carbon calculators that include thousands of externally validated emissions factors and cover 240+ countries and territories.

For all your locations

Track emissions and operational data across multiple facilities, franchises, and locations.

Every emissions category​

Get a complete picture of environmental data, including energy, waste, buildings, vehicles, product footprint, and more, so you can stay ahead of upcoming regulations.

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Guide your business to net-zero

Build custom climate action plans that decrease emissions across your business and supply chain.

Supply chain management

Survey and score your entire supply chain to measure and manage your scope 3 emissions.

Decarbonization tools

Assess how your business practices impact emissions so you can set realistic reduction goals and a net-zero target, then simulate future scenarios, get guidance, and build policies that align with your priorities.

Offset carbon emissions

Purchase carbon offsets from verified projects for emissions you can’t yet mitigate.


Share your progress

Sustainability reporting tools to align your sustainability program with third-party standards.

Marketing-ready reports

Create custom reports that reinforce priorities and progress to help credibly share information about your climate commitments.

Reporting  frameworks

Align your progress with credible reporting frameworks, including the UNGC principles, SDGs, and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world’s most widely used standard for sustainability reporting.

Third-party certifications

Prepare for third-party assessments, like the TRUE Certification for Zero Waste, and the B Impact Assessment.

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Everything you need to manage your carbon accounting program.

Calculate and track your carbon footprint

Find opportunities to help the environment and your bottom line. Calculate your GHG footprint with ease.

100+ step-by-step guides

Get guidance and ideas—everything from energy efficiency and waste reduction to product footprint, travel, and more—to set realistic reduction goals and a net-zero target.

Manage stakeholders

Quantify and verify the impact and value of climate action with automated reports and dashboards, create company-wide policies, and manage all your initiatives in one place.

Approachable sustainability solutions

Get audit-grade emission calculations for the data you do have and get accurate estimates for the data you don’t.