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NEWS: Sustain.Life will participate in event at COP27

March 14, 2023
Sustain.Life updates

Sustain.Life will present alongside the Egyptian Carbon Center on decarbonization and ESG platforms.

Sustain.Life is pleased to announce its participation at COP27, the United Nations' Climate Change Conference, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Sustain.Life's Chief Sustainability Officer, Alyssa Rade, will present alongside the CEO and Founder of the Egyptian Carbon Center (ECC), Omar Ghaly, on decarbonization solutions in the Green Zone, on November 11.  

Screenshot from the ECC website

Keeping the 1.5°C target alive is essential to avoid catastrophic and irreversible impacts of climate change and will require companies to act boldly and implement sustainability initiatives. The session with the ECC will focus on ushering in more comprehensive strategies for companies to manage their carbon footprint and environmental impact.  

Sustain.Life will present actionable strategies, tools, and resources for companies in both developed and emerging markets on how to integrate sustainability into their core business operation and make meaningful progress toward net-zero.    

"Sustain.Life is honored to participate with the ECC at such an influential event like COP27," said Alyssa Rade, CSO, Sustain.Life. "We are excited to contribute to the conversation on a global stage alongside influential leaders. Cutting-edge technology like ours can empower entire sectors in developed and emerging markets to launch sustainability programs—a critical weapon in the war on climate change. We’re honored to consider the ECC a partner and client and are proud to support their effort delivering actionable insights towards decarbonization to more businesses in Egypt."  

Incorporating resilience, adaptation, and mitigation into future sustainability business strategies is crucial as everyone around the world is looking to cement actionable solutions to the escalating climate crisis. Working together on a global scale at an event like COP27 will help educate businesses to increase further commitments to take ownership of their emissions and implement mitigation efforts.  

COP27 is an annual meeting of delegates from nearly every country to negotiate global goals for tackling our planet's most pressing issues. The 27th annual COP starts November 6–18 and currently has about 35,000 registered for COP27, putting the upcoming UN climate change conference on track to become one of the most attended COPs in history. Here’s what to expect from COP27.

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The takeaway

Sustain.Life’s session with the Egyptian Carbon Center (ECC) will focus on ushering in more comprehensive strategies for companies to manage their carbon footprint and environmental impact.