NEWS: Sustain.Life secures an additional $3 million in seed funding

February 22, 2023
Sustain.Life updates

Sustain.Life extends seed round, securing an additional $3 million resulting in $19 million in total funding

Sustain.Life, has announced it secured an additional $3 million in funding following its seed round, which closed in April 2022. Following the seed round expansion, led by investors Global Cleantech Capital (GCC) and Kompas, Sustain.Life has now secured $19 million in total funding.  

Sustain.Life is founded by a team of sustainability and business leaders with expertise in launching and scaling successful technology ventures, including three former Walmart and executives. The company will utilize the additional $3 million in funding to accelerate the company’s growth trajectory through strategic hires and partnership expansion, fortifying the company’s foundation while accelerating scale.  

“We are proud to secure additional funding and gain a strong European partner with GCC. This investment furthers our mission to support businesses operating in a world where sustainability is paramount,” said Annalee Bloomfield, CEO, Sustain.Life. “Major corporations must act boldly and unlock the power of measuring their carbon emissions and establishing ESG initiatives. It is vital to have the right tools and resources to ensure their success as we all look to tackle the escalating climate crisis.”

Sustain.Life’s innovative sustainability management platform democratizes sustainability by empowering organizations with limited expertise to measure, manage, and report carbon emissions and environmental impact. It allows teams to proactively measure impact from internal operations and scales across large organizations and global supply chains—replacing spreadsheets and turning black box estimates into auditable and verifiable data. The platform offers businesses the tools needed for compliance with reporting frameworks as regulations evolve and take shape across the U.S. and Europe.

Many of the world’s top corporations currently have the resources to implement sustainability programs. However, many small- and medium-sized enterprises often lack the tools and resources. Sustain.Life addresses that essential need, making it easier for companies to launch carbon accounting and climate action programs through robust data insights that help reduce carbon emissions and forge an actual path to becoming a net-zero organization. Adopting sustainable business practices and policies can result in significant business benefits, including cost savings, attracting new business, and improving investment attractiveness.

“Sustain.Life offers turnkey, comprehensive sustainability software to meet demands from regulators, customers, and stakeholders at an affordable price point. We were impressed with the feature set and the strong growth since launching less than a year ago, with partners such as World Wide Technology and Interactive Brokers. We are excited to collaborate with a highly accomplished management team and existing investors to help realize Sustain.Life’s ambitious growth plans in a market growing to over $20 billion,” said Emil Mahjoub, Investment Manager, Global Cleantech Capital.

Since the official seed round, Sustain.Life was a finalist in the 14th Annual SXSW Pitch competition and joined The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ACIPA) accelerator. Recently the company has been selected to be part of the highly vetted SAP.iO carbon accounting startup program to help customers bolster sustainability efforts, and presented at the premier climate event, COP27, on more comprehensive strategies for companies to manage their carbon footprint and environmental impact.  

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Sustain.Life will utilize the additional $3 million funding to accelerate the company’s growth trajectory through strategic hires and partnership expansion, fortifying its foundation while accelerating scale.