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Carbon accounting and sustainability software features

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Track emissions

Calculate your emissions with ease

Streamline environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting and emissions measurement with best-in-class software.

Comprehensive data collection and analysis

Automatically calculate scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions with our carbon calculators that include thousands of externally validated emissions factors and cover 240+ countries and territories. Comply with regulations and customer requests with environmental performance monitoring across energy, water, waste, product footprint, employee activities, and more.

Audit-grade reporting

Track operational data and emissions across production facilities and franchises for customer- and product-level emissions.

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Respond to Customer requests

Report with integrity and transparency

• Provide ESG metrics and emissions data to cusomers with shareable reports.
• Communicate progress and align your sustainability program with third-party disclosure frameworks.
• Access verifiable data sources and methodologies to comply with new climate regulations and customer requests.

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Establish and share your goals with confidence

Your clients expect—now you can show them.

• Identify emissions hotspots and source actionable solutions to decarbonize your operation and value chain.
• Customized emissions reduction targets with real-time monitoring.
• Stay competitive—see how your reduction goals and progress compare to industry peers.

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third-party ASSURANCE

Get disclosure-ready

The process of having your emissions validated by a third party is essential to keep up with the regulatory landscape.


Access verifiable data and methodologies to comply with new climate and carbon accounting regulations.

Eliminate long feedback loops

Companies and auditors collaborate in real time to complete emissions verifications and validations.

Select the exact data to share with auditors

Seamless invite process for validators to view select projects and data across clients or locations.

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See how easy Sustain.Life makes it to report your emissions to customers and partners.


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Get access to new features that will streamline the emissions audit process.

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Tracking the impact of
supply chain emissions

Tracking supply chain emissions is crucial for businesses aiming to reduce their emissions footprint. But why?

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